About Us

Binaural Phase Meditation was created to help listeners develop and elevate their consciousness. Our goal is to help people discover the power of meditation by offering low cost but high quality music. We put many of our meditations up on YouTube so that you can always have access to them for free, and we also offer our tracks on many streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, iHeart Radio and Amazon Music to name a few. We also offer several free meditations so that people can have something to start with at no cost.


Our music is meant to specifically address certain benefits to be gained through meditation such as DNA activation, frequency realignment, improved cognitive functioning and mental clarity, among others. Please contact us with any suggestions for a type of meditation targeting a specific benefit or using a certain style of tuning and if we choose to make it, we will credit you for the idea. We thank you in advance for your comments and suggestions!


All tracks are entirely original works by Kyle Chandler; music producer, audio engineer, and mixing/mastering engineer.