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Level: Advanced | Length: 1hr | Tuning: Harmonic Series

This meditation allows you to set your intention and manifest the reality that you most desire. The universe reacts to your subconscious thoughts and feelings, and your reality is moulded by these aspects of your psyche. In venturing ever deeper into your mind, you can allow yourself to feel exactly as you would if your desired reality already exists. Doing so will cause the universe to react and manifest that reality for you more quickly through the law of attraction.

Whatever you think, and more importantly, whatever you feel, will be what ultimately creates your reality. Wander into the depths of your subconscious… let yourself feel the feeling of the reality you desire, and let that feeling surround and envelope you completely. With regular practice you will soon begin to notice changes in your life as the universe reshapes your reality in accordance with your new feeling.




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