What is “Binaural Phasing”?

Binaural Phasing is an entirely new way of experiencing sound that allows the intention of the listener to play a role in how the sound is felt by that individual. It is an effect achieved by adding the full 360 degrees of phase back into digitally recorded audio, and unlocking the “time” and “spectral” elements from each other in the audio waveform.
An audio dimensionalizer effect called “Psi-FI” is used on each meditation to allow the intentions of our listeners to factor into how they experience these meditations.
From Psi-fi:

“Sound has two dimensions, a “time” element that originates from the intentions of a speaker, singer or musician and a “spectral” component that radiates from the resounding body of the instrument being used and the player’s interaction with it.

On the “other side” in the inner world these two components are discreet and exist in a state of pure potential. However, when they are gathered by intention and brought into our “real” world by the conscious choice and action of a musician, they are locked together into a complex waveform.

In the standard recording process, a whole dimension of the music is lost, resulting in a dead, lifeless sound. Both of these components become locked together in whatever relationship they were at the moment and the sound looses its “alive” feeling. This is one of the main reasons why a recording never sounds as good as the original live presentation. Digital recording adds to this problem, causing a loss of analog “warmth”. So- called “stereo sound” is a step in the right direction but merely a feeble attempt to restore what has been inadvertently taken away.”


Psi-Fi resolves the issue that comes with digital recording and brings life, body, and intention back into the sound. Binaural phasing causes your brain to have to resolve all of the 360 degrees of phase elements added back into the sound, creating an effect more gentle yet much more powerful for reaching states of deep meditation than binaural beats music.


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